HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A mother sharing her story on social media after she said a photographer didn’t show up for her daughter’s engagement photo.

That post is now gaining lots of traction. Meanwhile, the photographer is looking to clear her name.

“I am not a scam artist,” photographer, Sierra Love said.

A family schedules a photographer for her daughter’s wedding.

“I’m so excited. it’s supposed to be a happy day,” mother of the daughter getting photos taken, Tina Pierce said.

With the booking of a wedding session the photographer, Love, gives a complementary engagement shoot.

“When you book a wedding with me, you pay the $1,500 that’s for the wedding package and a complementary engagement session is included with the booking of a wedding,” Love stated.

Although, the family had already paid before, Love didn’t show,

“My phone was not working that day. For some reason my phone was just, you know, my dad was in a head on collision, my sister couldn’t even get in touch with me,” Love said.

The family decided to focus on getting a new photographer.

“We don’t trust her, why would we want her to possibly be a no-show at Brianna’s wedding that’s already stressful enough, she don’t need that added stress,” Pierce said.

According to Love and Pierce, there was no official paperwork and Love has not issued a refund.

“No contract was ever signed and no agreement was ever signed,” Love explained.

“Here at the holidays and with inflation and to know that someone is out there taking people’s money, is just not good practice,” Pierce stated.

Pierce posted about her experience with Love on Facebook.

“It has been shared over 1800 times,” Pierce stated.

“You can’t control what people do, you can’t control what people say at the end of the day I know my truth, God knows my truth, and you know the truth will come out,” Love said.

The photographer said she has contacted police about the threats she has received.

The couple plans on getting married next spring, so there’s still time for them to sort all of this out.