CONWAY, Ark. – Protests over decisions made by the Conway School Board led to arrests outside of a board meeting Tuesday evening.

The board recently stirred controversy after an October vote regarding the use of bathrooms and room assignments on overnight trips being determined by a student’s gender at birth.

Tuesday night, students and adults protested outside of the school board meeting and three people were arrested.

Chants like “trans lives matter” were shouted as the Conway School Board met.

“All it was, was a silent protest,” educator and advocate Latoya Morgan said.

This led to three arrests.

Latoya Morgan has been an educator for 15 years, and she jumped at the opportunity to support the kids in Conway.

“People were like standing in the hallway, and so when the boy came out like “they’re putting this out”, and then that’s when you heard the chanting,” Morgan said.

According to a statement from the Conway Public School District, the School Board asked the crowd to be quiet multiple times, then they asked police to come in and clear the lobby and remove those being disruptive.

“There was a moment when the three young men they like literally just flopped down on the ground because the police officer said, you need to leave, and they, I mean, stood firm in their beliefs, and my eyes began to swell because I was like, oh, my gosh these kids are so brave,” Morgan stated.

The school board said three people were arrested for criminal trespass and failure to disperse.

“Knowledge is power. Read the policy. Know the policy. Organize is standing up for what you believe in, and do it every single time,” Morgan said.

Morgan said she is proud to see kids fight for the change they want to see in the world, which is what she teaches her students.

“They’re doing things in a peaceful manner. They’re doing it. So you just want them to do what? Just go away, disappear, because that’s not happening,” Morgan stated.

According to the Conway School District, they informed students they would receive a possible citation if they attended the protests.

They did confirm to us there was not a mass suspension or repercussions for their attendance.