LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- In a world where you can order groceries at the click of a button and have almost anything you want to eat delivered to your door, it’s easy to get carried away with modern conveniences.

“Our lives are pretty busy,” says Shauna Hart. 

Hart uses technology for convenience.

She is a mother of three adult children, works hard and doesn’t want to spend a lot of her free time running errands.

“I think most people seek to have their life a little bit more comfortable or easier,” says Hart.

On a regular basis she and her husband use all kinds of apps from grocery click lists to online banking. 

She even recently completed a degree online, something she says she wouldn’t have been able to accomplish otherwise.

A trend that has allowed new E-commerce companies to continue popping up in the last couple of years, and even expanding their services.

Amazon recently announced a new in home delivery service called “Amazon Key” where the delivery person will have a key and can put the package right inside your home.

One new company continuing to gain popularity nationally is bite squad.

“We are a restaurant delivery service,” says Scott Pool with Bite Squad. 

Using an app the customer decides on a restaurant, places their order and Bite Squad will pick it up and deliver it right to their door.

“They don’t have to worry about the headache of going to locate it, pick it up or make it for that night,” says Pool.

The entire business is run using technology, in many cases without the drivers ever having to set foot in headquarters except to replenish supplies.

“Driver will clock in on their phone from wherever they are,” says Pool.  “We’ll use their GPS and we’ll send them to the closest restaurant they’re near to at that time.”

Hart says having options like this gives her a lot more time to spend doing things she enjoys, like tracing her family tree.  Something technology has opened a lot more doors for.

“I have found and identified over 200 relatives that had never been known about,” says Hart.

She also says it’s easy to get out of control with it and she’s had to cut back on some of the apps she was using.

“It can take over your life,” says Hart. “Literally.”

She’s also noticed how it affects human interaction.

 “My youngest daughter is 22, she doesn’t like to talk on the phone,” says Hart. “She likes to text, so you know for her grandmother who has talked to people her whole life at 83, it’s very difficult.”

A life convenience could come with a hidden cost.

“It’s gonna impact a lot of segments of society, relationships, marriage,” says Hart.

“You can be taking advantage of so many different opportunities and apps that you forget about human relationships.”