PERRYVILLE, Ark. – Perry County Detention Officer, Tachney Evans, was a close co-worker of Jeremiah Story who shared her favorite stories and memories of him.

Officer Evans said she first met Jeremiah when she joined the department in November of last year. She said they were paired together while she was in training. She said that during training administration had to get onto both of them for wrestling and cutting up. She said Jeremiah would always ask her “did you spill your breakfast on your pants”, and when she would look up Jeremiah’s hand would be in her face. She said this is just who Jeremiah was.

She said, that he would make the time go by faster on their shift and that he would always message her at 6 a.m. if he wasn’t on that shift to check in on everybody.

“He wanted to know, what happened? Was everything okay? What did [the inmates] eat? Did we book anybody new in? Did everyone behave? He basically wanted a pass down as to what happened the night before because he cared,” said Evans.

Officer Evans said that Jeremiah never said no to helping anyone and that he was the type of person that would stay late to make sure all of the tasks for the day were checked off. She said Story always wanted to do the right thing, and have fun while doing it.

The last thing she added was that Story loved his job and that he had plans to become a State Trooper one day. “He will never be forgotten,” said Evans.