81-year-old Woman Credits 8-year-old Neighbor for Saving Her Life

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January 01 2022 12:00 am
CONWAY, Ark. – As an 81-year-old woman recovers from surgery in a local hospital, she credits her neighbor with saving her life.
Now her “hero” is making front page headlines in the local paper.
“I remember that lady taking pictures of us,” says Caleb Hunt while unfolding Thursday’s copy of the Log Cabin Democrat.
Caleb’s a third grader at Carolyn Lewis Elementary in Conway.
He woke up early Tuesday (9/8) morning and from his room he could hear his neighbor struggling to call for help across the street.
“It was a groaning noise calling for help and I looked out the window and she was on the ground in the garage,” he explained.
Sue Watson, his neighbor, had started to walk outside to take out the trash but fell.
She broke her hip. Her family says she might have been on the ground for a while as she went unnoticed by people driving by. 
Caleb pointed out, “At first I got mad and started feeling like I should run over there and help.”
From his room Caleb knew what he had to do, even if it meant breaking the rules. He’s supposed to tell his parents before he goes outside.
He admitted, “I didn’t really worry too much about going and doing the right  thing.” 
Caleb ran across the street to see if Sue, who his family knew well, was okay. Realizing she was hurt and in pain, he ran back to tell his mom to call 911.
When they learned what happened, Watson’s family was relieved Caleb acted on his instinct.
“Very fortunate that he was aware something different was going on,” said Tom Watson, Sue’s son. “Absolutely he’s a hero. I mean any young kid that takes the time to help others period, especially someone in stress like that.” 
While Sue considers Caleb a hero, this boy’s good deeds don’t end there, as he was happy to finish a chore she couldn’t.
Caleb added, “We went to the hospital and I told her I would take the trash out.”
Watson had surgery Thursday and does have rehab to go through but expects to make a full recovery. 
Caleb’s parents say they’ve always known Caleb was a special kid and this is just another display of character and caring attitude.

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