6-year-old Arkansas girl jumps into action saving family in UTV accident

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SEARCY, Ark. – A six-year-old is being called a hero after a side-by-side accident in a rural part of Searcy over the holiday weekend.

Her family tells us despite being injured herself, she ran and didn’t stop until she found someone to help her family.

“Everyone was screaming and crying, except me because I didn’t want to make anything worse,” said Demi Shields.

A scratched up face, and a fully casted arm.

“I know I didn’t hurt my fingers that bad because I can still wiggle my fingers,” said Demi.

Demi is in high spirits despite ending up in the hospital over the holiday weekend.

Demi along with her mom and some friends went for a UTV ride on their family’s land, one turn and the side by side tipped.

“She fell out of the windshield and scrapped her head right here. Well not really scrapped it, cut it open,” said Demi.

With the adults disoriented from head injuries, Demi knew she had to do something.

“I ran like half a mile at least half a mile,” said Demi.

She flagged down a stranger and next thing you know all of them were taken to local hospitals.

“We just want to thank everyone involved. If Demi wouldn’t have ran for help they could have been there for a while, “ said Demi’s grandmother, Lisa Shields.

Her grandmother says what to do in an accident is something they’ve always talked about.

“Teach your kids what to do and how to be. Yes if you think something is wrong and you know that you need help, you’ve got to go find it. Don’t be afraid to,” said Lisa.

And as for Demi, she’s got some advice of her own.

“I’d tell them if they flipped to not cry, because it just made it worse,” said Demi.

Demi tells us she just can’t wait to get the cast off and get back to gymnastics.

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