18-year-old suspect robs many stores on Geyer Springs Road, police say

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Earlier today we reported that an 18-year-old suspect was arrested in connection to 9 different robberies in southwest Little Rock.

These are just a few of the cases that were reported.

First Report

On November, 22 around 7:10 at night Little Rock Police received a call about a robbery at a business on Geyer Springs Road.

When officers arrived they made a broadcast in reference to the described suspect. Victims of the robbery stated that the suspect was armed with a silver and black handgun.

Officers tried to find the suspect but did not find anyone.

The two victims of the robbery said that the suspect came into the store with his weapon drawn and told the cashier to give him money.

Due to the commotion, the other victim came from the back, while on the phone with the manager. The suspect then told the second victim “You’re not calling the cops”, and took the victims cell phone.

The two victims then emptied the drawers, which contained between 500 to 1,000 dollars, and called police after the suspect ran from the store.

Officers determined that there was no physical evidence at the scene and both victims said that the suspect did not touch anything in the store.

Video of the incident was not obtainable at the time the officers were on scene.

Second Report

On November 24, around 6:30 p.m. Little Rock police were called to a business on Geyer Springs Road due to a robbery alarm.

Detectives arrived and spoke to a woman who stated that she had heard some loud talking coming from the store next door.

She said she walked through the hallway to go next door and as she turned the corner she saw the suspect behind the counter. She said she stepped back to avoid being seen. She said she activated the panic switch and went back to the restaurant and called police.

Police asked her about video and she said her sister was coming to allow officers to see the video.

Police then made contact with the Clerk. He said he was in the back of the store, stocking the refrigerators when the suspect came in. He said he walked up front and the suspect pointed a small black pistol at him.

The suspect made the Clerk go behind the counter and open the cash register.

The suspect made him get on his knees while he took all the money from the cash drawer. At the time of this report the exact amount of money stolen was unknown. The owner of the store said that the amount was greater than 600 dollars.

The suspect then demanded the Clerks phone, and took it. The suspect started to leave, but turned around and went back behind the counter and stole several packages of Backwoods Tobacco Products.

The suspect then left the store.

Police were able to watch video and get a decent amount of information to tell others to be on the look out.

Third Report

On November 25, around 10:00 p.m. police were called to a business on Geyer Springs Road in reference to an aggravated robbery.

Police arrived on scene and made contact with the Clerk, who said that a black male entered the business, pointed a black handgun at him and demanded money from the register.

The Clerk said the suspect was wearing a black hoodie that was pulled over his head, a blue bandanna over his face that covered everything except his eyes and black pants.

Another employee of the store said that he and another worker had been stocking the drink coolers at the back end of the store when the suspect entered the store and pointed a black handgun at them and demanded they come to the front of the store with the Clerk.

One of the employees said that he gave the suspect money from the register and the suspect ran away from the location.

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