JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — A young author from Jacksonville is using her book to help teach kids about ways to stand up to bullying in hopes it will show others that they are not alone.

Akire Lynn Williams wrote the book when she was just 8-years-old.

It’s a story about a star named “Twinkle” who ran away from home because she was being bullied for being too small.

“I can relate to the star because when I was in third grade I was really tiny,” says Akire.

She started writing a book to help cope with the situation – something her family knew nothing about.

“Cried. Sad, because I thought I was really in tune with Akrie and when Akrie didn’t mention she had been bullied, my heart was broken,” says Mary Ousley, Akire’s grandmother.

Since writing the book Arkie has grown and now uses her past to help future victims of bullying.

“Ever since I wrote the book I felt more confident with myself, I felt bigger, like everybody wants to be my friend ever since I wrote the book, but like I’m just way more confident and outgoing. I used to be super shy,” says Akire.

Despite the pain, Arkie kept strong a valuable lesson learned while attending the Boys and Girls Club in Jacksonville.

Akire speaking at Boys and Girls Club

“She has been such a young writer, a young author, and able to express herself. I am just amazed by that,” says LaConda Watson, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club in Jacksonville.

Now an author and national speaker Akire travels throughout Arkansas speaking to kids of all ages.

“It teaches people that you are not alone,” says Akire.

Akire has gone on to win the ‘No Bullying Hero’award in D.C. and recently won a peace award in Chicago.

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