JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – A 10-year-old girl in Jacksonville is using the power of words to make connections with other children.

The young author, whose dad is often away on business, is using a book she wrote to talk about a hard thing: Daddy not being there.

10-year-old Emersyn Rhyelle was having a rough day.

Her dad works all over the country.

“She talks to him often, but it doesn’t take the place of him being here,” said mom Tracy Walker.

One day he missed Emersyn’s awards ceremony and she was upset.

“You don’t want to tell anybody,” Emersyn said. “And you’re just hiding it.”

But then her mom, Tracy had an idea.

“My mom told me to write down my feelings and she turned it into a poem and now it’s a book!,” Emersyn said.

A book about daddy not being here, something a lot of kids can relate to for many reasons.

“I think this book touches on a little bit of all of that,” said Tracy. “Actually, the first thing in the book is of a dad who just did not show up.”

Now, Emersyn is using her pain to help others.

After reading her book in a classroom, Emersyn was approached by a little girl who said her dad wasn’t around.

“She just made me feel that I’m actually getting people to know that it’s alright to express your feelings,” Emersyn said.

The author’s mission to let kids know they’re not alone.

“They have other people to help them,” Emersyn said.

That when you can’t find what you don’t have, you look at who you do have: others who can fill the gap…for when Daddy’s not here.

Emersyn would like more opportunities to do readings of her book in local schools and daycares. If you’d like more information about the book and its author, email Tracy Walker at: theofficialtracy.walker@gmail.com or visit www.emywritesbooks.com