#LouieStrong: First Responders line route to hospital for dying boy


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Driving by a long line of first responders usually means emergency — but lights in Louie’s rearview mirror sparks only joy. 

“Look at them there they are! Awesome buddy!” Kristy Schneider said waving at first responders with her son Louie Thursday morning. 

For 9-year-old Louie Schneider, Thursday’s drive wasn’t just a dream come true, it’s his last dream come true. 

“I said ‘baby why are you so excited?’ and he said because I’m seeing Jesus soon,'” Kristy said. 

About 150 people and 30 agencies from police, fire and EMT’s around Central Arkansas wished him well on his way to Arkansas Children’s Hospital with his mom Kristy by his side. 

“Sure enough Louie was so excited. Like he would roll down the window and hang his arm out and wave and blow them kisses,” Kristy said. 

An officer who lives nearby but wanted to remain anonymous set it all up. 

“A lot of grown men, if they were going through the same thing, wouldn’t have the strength that Louie does.”

Louie and his brother Peter were adopted back in 2014. 

Kristy says they knew Louie was developmentally delayed and had some chromosomal abnormalities.

“We had no idea the medical road we would walk,” she said. 

In the summer of 2017, he started having seizures. 

“And all of those things are basically working together to just cause his body to shut down,” Kristy said. 

“I will hold on to and miss most the way Louie looks at me,” Kristy said. 
“When he would grab my little face and he’d want you to look straight in his little eyes and he’ll say the most precious things.” 

Kristy has three more kids at home and will miss the precious moments of them all together. 

But finds purpose in her pain. 

“We know that there’s beauty in the fact that it’s a see you later, it’s not a goodbye.”

And Louie knows his reception to the hospital is only the beginning of the celebration waiting for him in heaven. 

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