NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Off the beaten path, inside a warehouse building in North Little Rock, a world-record deadlifter rocks pink Converse shoes.

Sharie Mobley is standing proof that age is only a mindset.

“When you’re retired, you have the opportunity,” she says.

Mobley turns 70 in July, she’s known as the Granny Hulk, deadlifting 305 pounds and setting records in her class and division.

“It’s my motivation. It’s what keeps me going. To sit at home, I couldn’t do it,” says Mobley.

The Cabot woman broke the all-time world record in the deadlift for her class/division when the 123 pound grandmother of ten pulled an incredible 305 pounds at a sanctioned Powerlifting meet in Little Rock. 

Mobley says she started going to the gym when she turned 60.

“I think she’s helped me out more than I’ve helped her,” says trainer Kurt Mattison.

Mattison says he took the role with rules set on the front-end.

“She looked at me and she said you cannot swear around me, do you understand me? I thought I was being scolded by my mom. I was like. ‘yes, ma’am’,” adds Mattison.

Lifting to offset osteoporosis, Mobley says she couldn’t sit around and do normal granny things.

“Dogs are their lives or playing cards or reading and that’s just not my thing,” she explains.

Working out two hours, four days a week, Mobley can do 175 squats and wants to do even more by the end of the year with the help of her trainer.

“He says a lot of it is up here [mind]. He said I got the strength and the ability but the gray matter gets in the way,” continues Mobley.

With a growing passion, Mobley is lifting proof souls can stay young forever.

“I would tell anybody my age, it’s never too late to start,” she says.

Mobley wants to do 205 squats by October.

She’s working out at The Iron Fed in North Little Rock.

You can follow her on Instagram @GrannyHulk69.