LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Back to school means parents are back to budgeting for school lunches, and if you’re someone who packs it every day, you may be looking for ways to save money.

Local mom Sara Hurst provided some tips on how to feed your kids and make it budget-friendly throughout the school year.

“If you stretch it out for the week you are probably spending maybe $25,” Sara said.

Sara, like many other Arkansas parents, is gearing up for a school year filled with packing lunches. But with soaring grocery prices she’s learning how to make the all mighty dollar go just a bit further.

“I’ll go ahead and buy a package of turkey and one day she will have sandwiches,” Sara explained. “The other day she could have roll ups the other day she could have a wrap and that way it’s the same turkey package and you are using it all week, but she isn’t getting tired of it because you make it in so many different ways.”

Also, don’t forget to check your fridge and see what you already have.

“I use vegetables that I already have on hand like cucumbers and tomatoes,” Sara said. “But really anything you have in the fridge.”

Sara says the key is to not make things complicated and make a list, so you don’t over buy or let things go to waste.

“What can happen too is you buy things at the grocery store specifically for it and then you will forget. If you don’t see it you will forget about it, so I usually like to have a list of what I bought,” Sara said.

Sara also said that making lunch at home and buying school lunch is around the same price, which can range from $5-7.

She added that the plus to making lunch at home is that you know your kids will like it and they will get the proper portion for what works for them.