Arkansas woman’s Facebook post goes viral


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A woman from Arkansas posted a Facebook post on July 21 and it went viral, but not for the reasons you think.

This was not like any normal viral post.

Erica Lawrence told a very heartfelt story about the passing of her husband.

She said on June 27 she became a 26-year-old widow.

Her husband, Tyler, died from a drug overdose.

Erica was the person who had found him. She said that “…every part of me wanted to hide the fact of how he lost his life”.

She was completely blindsided. She said she had no idea that he had been using or recognize that he had been struggling.

She says that now as she looks back, she recognizes the signs, but at the time she chose to believe that her husband was flawless.

Erica said, “It is easy to believe that addiction is a choice. That the person you love most would never choose to use drugs, or make a choice that would threaten their lives. Those that make such a choice are selfish, self-destructive, irresponsible, reckless. But Tyler was kind, smart responsible, hard-working, reliable, confident, and selfless.”

She stated that he improved her life and built a life for them and loved her as Jesus does.

She says in the post that he was fun, made her laugh, smile and feel whole. Erica said that Tyler also struggled and had seen a lot of heartache in his 29 years of life, and that he carried the weight on his shoulders but didn’t lean on others to fix his problems.

“Addiction does not discriminate. Addiction does not settle for the weak, for the selfish, nor for the heartless. Addiction comes too for the strong, the selfless, the ones who carry everyone’s weight for them,” says Erica.

She says, “We have spent far too long pretending it is a choice. Pretending we are immune. Pretending that if we do not face it, it will go away. But it won’t.”

She says that she chooses honesty and openness.

She does not stray away from the truth as she states that her husband died as a result of substance abuse. That she refuses to lie. She refuses to insult her husbands legacy by hiding the raw truth of an incredible man and an amazing marriage.

She said that Tyler came to know the Lord in the months leading to his death, and that it brings her great comfort and immeasurable joy.

Erica is sharing her story in hopes that it will help those who are affected by substance abuse, and it already has.

Her post already has over 21,000 shares, and over 7,000 comments.

To read Erica’s full story click this link

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