LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Saturday morning, Asmara the Tiger celebrated her 9th birthday and the Little Rock Zoo held a party as she and her three cubs took part in the fun.

Zoya, Sundari and Kae, the three cubs were born in mid-august, enjoyed playing in the sun.

The cubs are expected to stay at the zoo with their mother for the next two years. Asmara was also born at the Little Rock Zoo.

According to Maggie Raglin at the Little Rock Zoo, Asmara is a good mom to her new cubs.

“To see her grow up and become such a good mom and really attentive and, it’s really just nice to see,” Raglin said. “Its full circle, to be here when she was born then to see her daughters be born, it’s pretty great.”

There are around 150 Malayan tigers in the wild, so the addition of three female cubs is considered great news for conservation efforts.

They are part of the Association of Zoo and Aquariums Species survival plan for Malayan tigers.