Little Rock Resident Still Without Power



Sam Hudson looks up at the damage caused by a tree during Thursday’s storm that left thousands without power – including his 84-year-old mother. “She’s got an onset of dementia, she’s pretty distraught.”

Broken branches block the path to the backyard and ripped tiles are what’s left of the side of the home on South Pulaski Street in Little Rock — where his mother has lived for  54 years. “Torn up the roof, the structure, totally destroyed one whole room.”

Fortunately, his mother was not in that room when the storm hit. The tree tore down a power line leaving Sam’s mother and her neighbor without power. “Unfortunately so many other homes have had problems with trees as well so that’s been since Friday,” he says. “I called and so far we still haven’t gotten anyone out here.”

Until someone comes to help, he says his mom will be staying with him. Sam’s still working on getting the home back to normal, but says he’s  happy his mother is safe. “Well  I ‘m glad that we were able to take her out of the home, if she had been there by herself this would have been a much different situation.”

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