LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Just before midnight on Friday, Little Rock Police responded to a shots fired call at the Walmart on Cantrell. On their way there they were told that the victim, 18-year-old Isaiah Hall, was being transported to a local hospital in a personal car.

Police have identified 19-year-old, Michael Wilson, as the suspect in the deadly shooting and have put a warrant out for his arrest.

A gas station employee, Matt Gardner, who works nearby the Walmart, said that he is not shocked by the crime, because just days before this homicide, he said he was also a victim of a crime.

“To be honest, I almost was robbed out of the side of my store the other night and it shook me up pretty good and I count down every night the minutes till closing,” said Gardner.

Gardner said that despite what happened, justice needs to be served.

“That kid has lost his life and that other kid has ruined his now. it’s not something that should be held lightly,” stated Gardner.

Gardner said action needs to be taken. “It is not going to be corrected without the correct actions,” said Gardner.

The investigation is still ongoing, and police ask the community to contact them directly if they know of Michael Wilson’s whereabouts.