LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Business owners across Arkansas are frustrated with nationwide supply chain shortages.

David Waddle, who is the general manager of Stratton’s Market in downtown Little Rock explained that he wasn’t prepared for the impact that the shortage has had on the business.

“We were a little bit prepared for it, we didn’t think it would have as big of an impact as it has,” Waddle said. “But we bring in new products to try to keep people’s interest.”

Waddle also shared that it’s a challenge to keep every shelf fully stocked amid the nationwide shortage. 

“With groceries we’ve had shortages with cured meats, with various cheeses,” Waddle said. “Our biggest impact has been in our liquor, wine and beer, sales.”

As multiple businesses try to stay afloat, many shoppers continue to search for their favorite items.

“It’s box goods, a weird range of anything from noodles to a certain flower to a certain tomato,” Nana Organix owner, Amanda Wilson said. 

Stratton’s Market isn’t the only one feeling the strain. Wilson said she’s even tried driving out of town to pick up different products.

“Our out of state suppliers, we have a lot of those, and they will be out of stuff and we won’t know until the trucks shows up,” Wilson said. 

One challenge is a shortage of workers, but sometimes stores are just told things are just out of stock. Wilson and Waddle believes that there will be improvement to the supply chain in due time.

“It’s only going to get worse before it gets better, I hate to say that, but you can see it,” Wilson said. 

“I think the supply chain will fix itself,” Waddle said. 

There is still no clear point when things could turn back to normal, but with the holiday season around the corner, stores are trying to stock up as much as they can for customers.