LA fire department helps neighboring town

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MARION, La. (KTVE) – The importance of loving your neighbor is being illustrated in the town of Marion.

When two of the town’s fire trucks were in the shop, Farmerville stepped in, lending two of their own. 

“It’s unreal how important it is,” said Jimmy Caldwell, chief of the Marion Fire Department.

The impact one fire truck–let alone two–can make during an emergency situation is critical.

“Probably everything that caught on fire would be burnt down before someone else got there,” said Robert Allen, captain of the Farmerville Fire Department.

So to help, the Farmerville Fire Department is lending two of its own trucks to Marion. The gesture has been a relief, to say the least.

“It’s a relief of mind to me because I know I got something to work with and having to wait 20 minutes, it’s hard if someone loses their life or their home,” said Stacy Caldwell, assistant director of public works in Marion.

And the borrowed trucks also supply Marion with a much-needed pumper.

“With those two in the shop, that leaves us without a pumper, and so that’s the reason this one’s critical to us,” said Danny Smith, mayor of Marion.

“We have water capacity but to have an actual pumper truck is a life changer for us,” added Jimmy Caldwell.

From one neighbor to another, he wants to let his know what this gesture means to him.

“Being as generous as the town of Farmerville is and also our other neighboring fire departments, they help to assist us with anything we need and we greatly appreciate them,” he continued.

Marion will continue to use the Farmerville trucks until theirs are fully repaired.

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