Kelly Clarkson a fan of Little Rock orchestra’s new online bedtime concerts invites them on talk show


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – People everywhere are finding unique and safe ways to stay connected with others as our lives shift through this global pandemic.

So when the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra started using their social media accounts to perform free nightly concerts for their community – they were surprised to learn there was a celebrity logged-on and listening. 

The concerts can be found on their social media platforms.

Kelly Clarkson, singer and daytime talk show host contacted Orchestra Concertmaster, Drew Irvin.

“When she showed up on the zoom – I’m like … I was staring at Kelly Clarkson. I’m talking to Kelly Clarkson. You know that’s – it’s not every day that this happens and yeah… and it’s also not every day that I’m kind of speechless but I was,” said Irvin.

Clarkson called about the orchestra’s new musical series called ‘Bedtime With Bach.’ The series aims to bring joy to the community during these uncertain times, Irvin says.

He says the idea came shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic was announced and he felt compelled to do more for his community at large.

With several of the videos already having thousands of views, Irvin says he hopes it gives people what they need and desire during these difficult times.

“What music is for people is what it is for them,” says Irvin. “However they respond we are grateful.”

The former American Idol winner had Irvin on her show on Thursday. He discussed his bedtime series and passion for music.

“I’m glad that she was nice enough to reach out to us,” says Irvin.

Irvin says as a fellow musician he was honored to get the call and credits the other dedicated musicians.

The concerts can be found every night at 9 p.m. on the orchestra’s social media accounts.

Click here for details on how you can attend tonight’s concert.

You can watch the full interview with Kelly Clarkson below.

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