Health Matters: NICU nurse expecting second set of twins

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A NICU nurse at Baptist Health is expecting twins, but what makes this second pregnancy so unique is this is her second set of twins.

“Working in the NICU is a dream job,” says Jessie Mason. “I love taking care of those babies.”

Mason is an administrative Registered Nurse at Baptist Health. She considers herself a full-time mom with a part-time job. It starts with her twins at home.

“They’re six and boy, girl,” Mason says.

Eventually, Jessie and her husband wanted to add to their family. After two years of trying, they sought help to get pregnant.

“My progesterone was low, so we just did a small dose of medication this time,” Mason recalls. “And boom, twins.”

This is the couple’s second set of twins!

“I just never in my wildest dreams thought that it would ever be twins,” Mason explains. “I thought, ‘One baby, this would be a breeze compared to two!”

“In my private practice, I’ve never had a patient with two sets of twins,” says Cindy Hubach, an OBGYN with Baptist Health.

Dr. Hubach says women who receive infertility medications are at higher risk for multiple gestations.

But Jessie’s case is rare.

“Jessie’s doing great,” says Dr. Hubach. “Certainly in mothers who have twins we are certainly concerned about more complications with the twin pregnancy.”

Jessie’s first set of twins, Sadie and Sawyer, spent three weeks in the NICU. Those three weeks brought her a different perspective to a job she’s so passionate about.

“Just giving them words of encouragement that would’ve helped me at the time, I just feel like you can relate to them from a different point of view,” Jessie says.

Having gone through it once before, Jessie knows she’s in good hands this second time around.

“Just feel so thankful that God’s giving us two more,” Jessie says.

Jessie is due in December.

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