MAYFLOWER, Ark.–It may be a small town, but the seven kennels outside Mayflower City Hall are usually full.

“Animals are kind of a lost cause out here at times,” says Police Chief Robert Alcon

One of those voices is somewhat new to the Mayflower Animal Control. 

To her, each and every pup has potential.

Maury Draper has only had the title of Animal Control Officer Assistant for six months, but she is already making a difference.

“They’re my angels,” Chief Alcon tells KARK. 

“Anytime a foster parent is in need of something; she’s always there. It’s amazing what she does with the schedule that she has,” says friend and fellow animal lover Taurine Main who nominated Draper for the award.

A mom to seven children, Draper already has her hands full, but not her heart.

“Because I homeschool I wanted to help her build that love.Through that, I have learned to love animals, and now it’s like a family thing,” says Draper.

Inspired by her teenage daughter, Draper has helped rescue more than 160 animals since January.  The Animal Control also boasts a 99 percent adoption rate.

“You get very attached.” “We’ve had a few foster failures at our house,” says Draper.

She doesn’t just rescue animals in Mayflower.

Throughout the summer, Draper and her family took in forty kittens, some just days old. 

Draper is always finding ways to stretch the city’s budget. Her daughter even set up a Go Fund Me account online to buy a refrigerator to keep cold water for volunteers in the summer.

Draper’s family also donated a van to the Animal Control to transport animals.

On the afternoon of September 14, Draper thought she was meeting with some potential donors, but instead, KARK and McDonald’s surprised her with a $250 VISA gift card.

“Hi, Surprise!” says Ronald McDonald.

“We are here to pay it forward,” Ashley Ketz tells Draper.

“I really appreciate it. I’m just shocked. I was not expecting this at all.”

Mayflower has several animals with heart worms in need of a foster home.

Draper plans to use the award to buy new kennels and beds to keep them comfortable during their treatment. 

To foster, adopt or sponsor an animal, visit the Mayflower Animal Control Fan page.

Main is also forming a non-profit called “Paws and Whiskers Society” which would help the Animal Control with access to emergency funding, grants, and educational opportunities.