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LITTLE ROCK, AR – Since KARK went on the air 60 years ago, we’ve been bringing you sports along with the news and weather of the day.

Some of our early sports anchors were Frank Dill (“Sports Reel” 1954), Les Bolton and Bud Campbell, and then there was Dave Woodman, who became a legend in our studios and across the state.

After Dave, another one of the best remembered things about KARK 4 Sports was Hog Eye 4. The camera cover was in the shape of a razorback. It was detailed with eyes, tusks, and legs with the snout covering the long camera lens. Hog Eye 4 was used whenever KARK covered the Arkansas Razorbacks in action.

Here’s a list of others who have covered sports for us. It is not complete and some of the time periods are not certain, since we’ve had to rely mostly on the memories of others: 
  • Rob Wiley, 1970s.
  • Tony Warner, 1975-84.
  • Dwayne Watkins, 1978-84.
  • Max Morgan, 1980s.
  • Steve Sullivan, 1980s and 90s.
  • Wendell Stacy, 1990s. He died in 2007.
  • David Bazzel, 1995-98.
  • Fred Beck, 1990s.
  • Carlton Wing, 1990s.
  • Mark Rushing, 1999-2005.
  • Beau McCastlain, 2004.
  • Joe Pequeno, 2004-2005.
  • Bo Mattingly, 2005-2010.
  • Mike Olmstead, 2005.
  • Pat Doney, 2007-2008.
  • Aaron Peters, 2009 to present.
  • Aaron Nolan, 2005-2009.
  • Keli Fulton, 2005-2006.
  • Adam Alter, 2008-2012.
  • Trey Daerr, 2010-2012.
  • Jesse Abdenour, 2006-2007.
  • Jake Hatley, 2010.
  • Kerri O’Hara, 2010-2012.
  • Jason Snavely, 2010 to present.
  • Jay Bir, 2007 to present.
  • Mike Irwin, 2012 to present.
  • Alyssa Orange, 2013 to present.
  • Chris Frye, 2013 to present.

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