It’s time for round two of Scare Claire!

This time meteorologists Julianna Cullen and Joel Young joined Claire Kreuz to tour two more haunted houses in central Arkansas.

Julianna and Claire took a hand-in-hand walk through Fear Factory 501 in Jacksonville, while Joel and Claire took a not-so-hand-in-hand run through The Haunted Hotel of Arkansas in Little Rock.

On Monday, Pat and Claire went through a spooky tour through Twisted Nightmares in Cabot.

Who was startled the most? Was it Pat, Julianna, Joel or Claire. Take a look at the pictures below to see everyone’s reactions through the haunted houses.

If you’ve noticed that there aren’t many pictures of Joel, it’s because he was fast on his feet. But no worries, here’s a clip of his reaction throughout the tour.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and enjoy the gremlins and goblins.