Pat Walker’s Christmas Socks Sock It 4Ward Benefiting Jericho Way Depaul USA

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Here are Pat Walker’s classy-looking Christmas socks. They look like what you might see on a classical Christmas Sweater, don’t they. They’re part of his new collection of Christmas Socks to benefit a great charity in Sock It 4Ward sponsored by the Red River Auto Group.

This December Sock It 4Ward is benefiting Jericho Way Depaul USA. Jericho Way was opened by the City of Little Rock in 2013 as a Day Resource Center and not a traditional homeless shelter. It works to provide resources to help people move past homelessness and back into society.  A few years ago, Little Rock turned the operation over to Depaul USA, which is dedicated to homelessness services.  They work each individual case by case and help them with certain immediate needs as food and personal hygiene.  But they also work with them to obtain personal documents they may need to obtain employment and their own housing.  They work to meet that immediate every day need, and that long-term need which moves people out of homelessness and into independence. 

So, bid on Pat’s Christmas Socks for yourself or as a stocking stuffer.  You’ll have them before Christmas.  Bidding starts at $10 6:00 a.m. Friday, 12/11/2020, and will end at 6:00 a.m. Monday, 12/14/2020. There is a “Buy Now” Option for $150.  As with all Sock It 4Wards, 100% of the winning bid goes to the charity.  So, start bidding and let’s help Jericho Way Depaul USA serve our neighbor on the side of the road.


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