HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – As police departments across the country are struggling to recruit officers, the Hot Springs Police Department created a committee to find new ways to get people interested in the career.

Hot Springs PD is down 12 officers. That’s about 10% of the department. Chief Chris Chapmond said it’s not just uniformed positions, but across the board from dispatch to crime scene techs and more.

That’s why he created a diverse committe made up of officers of all ranks and people in the community to come up with ideas to get more people interested in serving and protecting.

“We want our police department to be reflective of our community and so we have to have ideas and concepts from every representation of our community and I think this committee does that,” Chapmond said.

Right now they are working on ways to recruit more young people using technology and younger officers.

“A 21 or 22 year old probably doesn’t want to listen to me,” Chapmond said. “They probably want to hear from somebody in their own generation of what it’s like to be in the profession today, what it feels like to serve the community, what it feels like to impact and change somebody’s life on a daily basis.”

The committee has met four times so far and have submitted plans to Human Resources and the city manager. Chapmond said he hopes they will start implementing those plans soon.