JUST RELEASED: Dash camera footage from the night a City Director was detained


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Little Rock Police just released the dashboard camera footage and audio from the night an officer detained a Little Rock City Director.

The incident happened nearly two weeks ago. City Director Ken Richardson was placed in handcuffs after refusing to leave an area where police were talking to a potential suspect.

The police officer asked Richardson to drive away several times and when he didn’t, the officer put him in the back of a patrol car.

From the second Richardson pulls up, to the second he is placed in handcuffs, is less than 90 seconds.

At the beginning of the dash camera footage, Officer Alexander Sullivan is driving down Colonel Glenn Road then he pulls into the Kroger parking lot looking for a suspect in an aggravated robbery.

Sullivan stops a man in a nearby alley, saying he matches the description.

In the video you can see and hear Sullivan talking to a man in a red polo shirt then he is placed in handcuffs.

While standing handcuffed in front of the police car, you can hear the suspect say, “That man is taking pictures of me.”

You cannot see what happens next but you can hear it.

Officer Sullivan tells someone to leave, that someone is City Director Ken Richardson,

Officer Sullivan tells Richardson to leave nine times before placing him in handcuffs. The whole interaction is less than 90 seconds.

The camera pointed into the backseat of the police car shows City Director of Ward 2 sitting handcuffed. Richardson says he sat there for nearly 30 minutes.

In the video, you can hear officer Sullivan say, “I’ve got one person stopped in reference to the robbery a possible suspect and then that other guy rolled up on me while I’m trying to handle this stop and refused to leave the stop.”

After being detained, Richardson is brought to the front of the car while officer Sullivan fills out the citation for obstructing governmental operations.

Then the handcuffs are removed and Richardson is asked to sign the citation.

I sat down with Richardson the next day, shortly after he spoke with Little Rock Chief of Police Keith Humphrey.

“He apologized and said he was going to do an investigation through internal affairs and take the appropriate action but he did apologize for the action of his officers,” said Ken Richardson, City Director Ward 2.

Chief Humphrey says he will not be talking about this incident until after the investigation.

Little Rock Police says the citation has not been voided and the investigation will determine what happens.

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