Jacksonville mobile home tenants forced to move 


JACKSONVILLE, Ark – People living in a Jacksonville mobile home park are forced to find a new place to live.

People at Phoenix Mobile Home Park say they are being evicted because the landlord is not paying their water bill.

At the beginning of the month, the water was turned off because the owners we behind on their water bill. 

Verna Osborn owns her mobile home says it will cost her thousands to move it. She says that has left her in tears. 
“It’s traumatic because I can’t afford to leave. I’m be here since 2002,” Osborn said. “I’m in the process of moving to Ward but the money is hard.” 

Tenants say in the beginning of the month their water was shut off by the city because the property owners weren’t paying their bill.

“I’ve had to bring a water bottle into my home in order to survive. I’m paying that out of my pocket,” she said. 

Amanda and Phillip McCasters have their boxes packed and are in limbo after receiving the eviction note.

“Many people here have kids and they are struggling so they can’t afford hardly any groceries or anything,” Phillip said. 

They say they have reached out to the owners, Paradise-Phoenix Properties, LLC, but have not received answers.

“Needless to say we were annoyed and frustrated,” Phillip said. 

With silence on the other end, the tenants say all they can do hope for the best and they can find the money to move.    

“I’ve left messages and they won’t return my calls. I don’t know what’s going on. I know I have to move,” Osborn said. “It’s financial bind to get money to get out of here.” 

We did reach out to the property owner and have not heard back.

We also reached out to the City of Jacksonville. The City Attorney says because of confidentiality reasons they can’t release information about water system customers. 

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