Jacksonville man gets championship ring back after losing it 40 years ago


JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – Many people say when you let something or someone go, if it’s meant to be it will come back. A true Jacksonville Titan is now feeling special once again, after getting back his state championship ring that he lost.  

Thanks to the power of social media, Gregory Bollen has his ring after losing it more than 40 years ago.  

“Kind of tough on wearing jewelry and haven’t worn much jewelry,” Bollen said.  

Although jewelry was never his thing.  

“I just couldn’t find it forever,” Bollen said.  

Bollen noticed when something didn’t bling.  

“Then I wanted to suspect a girlfriend that moved away, maybe she took it,” Bollen said. “But I figured, no you lost it.” 

Fast forward four decades, his wife went on Facebook one day and noticed a woman looking for the owner of a 1976 championship ring.  

“I’m like there isn’t but 44 of those and I know mines been gone,” Bollen said.  

Within a week the two were reunited.  

“Not everybody got a trophy and that’s why this was really special,” Bollen said.  

When he tried it on Friday, it still fits. Bollen said he’s happy to know there are still good people in the world that would return something like this.  

“To get it back was really cool, it was something that meant so much to me at one point,” Bollen said.  

Bollen said the initials on the inside of the ring confirm it’s his. He said he is excited to have so much support from the Jacksonville community during this act of kindness.  

Bollen said he plans to keep the ring tucked away so he won’t lose it again, but he might pull it out every now and then for a special occasion.  

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