LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Interstate-40 is reopen this afternoon after multiple accidents forced law enforcement to shut down the roadway overnight.

“I just was worried people were going to run out of fuel,” said Deanna Cornell, Stuck on I-40, “We though how long are we going to be here?”

Seemingly endless snowfall in the Natural State led to accidents on the roads and eventually the closure of major roadways.

I-40 turned into a parking lot for 16 hours overnight, leaving drivers behind the wheel.

“We actually called 911 at one point and said we don’t have an emergency, I’m sorry but what’s happening? are we going to go? and she said we don’t know,” said Cornell.

Deanna Cornell and her husband joined hundreds of other drivers who spent the night in their cars.
“It was very very long, as far as you could see. There were vehicles in front and vehicles behind us,” said Cornell.

The Cornell’s were driving back home to Texas after visiting their new grandbaby in Nashville.

“We decided after watching a million weather reports to take off because we thought it was just going to get worse and worse,” said Cornell.

Little did they know, the 13 hours they were supposed to spend in the car would be spend parked on I-40.

Deanna said even after the road was back open, they stayed put.

“Turns out people were sleeping, the troopers had to come wake people up so we could go,” said Cornell.

Deanna said her husband even had to wake up the driver in front of them then they were finally on their way.

“We were so excited to be moving again and even though we were going less than ten miles an hour it was just such a relief,” said Deanna.