JACKSON COUNTY, Ark.– On Sunday, August 23, friends and family gathered in Tuckerman City Park to remember the life and legacy of Sydney Sutherland. 

This comes just days after her body was found north of her residence following an afternoon jog on Wednesday afternoon.

The vigil was held by the Class of 2014 from Tuckerman High School where Sutherland graduated. 

“It’s all about Sydney and remembering her,” said Garrett Montgomery, class president. 

Hundreds attended the vigil and lit candles in remembrance of Sutherland. 

“One thing about this community is when a tragedy happens, everyone comes out full force,” said Montgomery. 

Friends of Sutherland reminisced in front of the crowd on the microphone.

“She was family,” said Tracy Porter, who worked with Sutherland. “Her mama was her best friend, her nieces were her world and don’t forget her dogs. Sydney loved her dogs.”

Others talked with us about the legacy Sutherland left behind in Jackson County. 

“She didn’t have to have recognition, she didn’t have to be in the front. She didn’t have to be recognized for anything, she was just a silent servant,” said Montgomery. 

The vigil lasted about an hour. One woman we talked to said though Sutherland was only 25, she had more of an impact in a few short years than most do in a lifetime. 

“She was a firecracker, she was sassy, she was loving, she was caring, and she was compassionate,” said Maddie Staggs, Sutherland’s friend. 

While friends say the future is uncertain, they say Sutherland will never be forgotten. 

“She is rejoicing with us and she’s in a better place,” said Montgomery.