HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – Hot Springs Police are warning about a scammer impersonating one of their fallen brothers. Officer Brent Scrimshire was killed in the line of duty about a month ago. The department said they have gotten multiple reports of someone using his name to get money for outstanding warrants and unpaid fines.

Police officers know just about every scam in the book. Corporal Joey Williams with the Hot Springs Police Department thought he had seen it all.

“When you think someone hits a low and you’re like that’s as low as somebody can go you know they take it to another level,” Cpl. Williams said.

HSPD recently took multiple reports about someone impersonating Officer Brent Scrimshire who was killed while making a traffic stop about a month ago.

“His car is still sitting on the back lot and it’s very fresh and it will be fresh for a very long time,” Williams said.

According to police, the scammer is using the department’s number asking about outstanding warrants and fines.

“To use his name in vain like this it’s despicable,” Williams said.

Williams says it’s one thing to scam people and even do it while hiding behind the uniform, but it’s who they’re impersonating that hits close to home.

“To know someone uses his name to intimidate and threaten people, it’s so opposite of who Brent was,” Williams said.

This scammer is hurting more than the department. His family is still trying to process his death.

“Unfortunately we had to reach out to Brent’s widow. It’s bad enough that she’s hurting and to have to do something like this to her, it’s bad,” Williams said.

While he says they are working to catch the person on the other end of the line, he does have some words he hopes they hear.

“When you sleep at night you need to think about what name you’re using and what damage that does to his family and his co-workers and that’s being professional,” Williams said.

Police want the community to know officers will never call and ask for money. If you have any questions or get a call like this please contact Hot Springs Police.