Hot Springs Cat Shelter Searching for New Location

HOT SPRINGS, AR — A local cat shelter is running out of time to find a new home for its cats and staff after its lease is coming to a close.

“It kind of takes hold of your gut and wrenches your heart,” said Worker Daria Neil.

Neil has worked for Guardian Angels Cat Rescue Adoption Shelter for more than a decade and said she devotes countless hours caring for animals no one wants. But now, all the shelter wants is time.

“It kind of shakes you to your core,” said Neil.

The non-profit on Malvern Avenue needs to move its location due to new developments coming to the plaza in which it’s located. Along with new businesses, there has been a rent increase the shelter said it can’t afford. Now, for the first time, staff is looking for a forever-home not only for their 150 cats, but a forever-home they themselves can sink their claws into.

“Very stressful, we can only do as much as we can do,” said Treasurer Diane Jones.

The shelter provides special pricing and medical treatment for low-income pet owners. With their no-kill policy, the cats will have to travel with them.

“We can only do as much as we can do, so we have everybody out looking for places. It’s scary,” added Jones.

With less than three months until the lease ends, staff said they don’t have a clear answer where the new home will be. Like the cats crowding the shelves hoping for a new place to live, Neil and her co-workers can only wait.

“There’s no savior that’s going to come on in and make it all right. You can’t just transplant from one place to another,” said Neil.

The shelter has to be moved out by September 30.

If you’d like to help the cat shelter, click here to visit its Facebook for more information.

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