Homeless man arrested for rape in Bryant


BRYANT, Ark. — A face often seen around Reynolds Rd. in Bryant, is now found on the Saline County jail roster. 

“I feel sick about the whole thing,” one local businessman said. 

Joseph Grabanski, 37, is homeless. For the last year, he’s sought help from the Bryant community.

“Giving to charities helps, but sometimes that doesn’t put food in the mouth of someone that’s outside your front door,” the businessman said. 

Which is exactly what he was to the Bryant business owner who wanted to remain anonymous. 

“I had a psych doctor that’s evaluated him three times tell me that the didn’t think he was violent, or didn’t think he was a threat,” he said. 

He vetted him, then helped him.

“It’s a major money and item donation pool has been running here for a year,” the businessman said. 

Though Grabanski has been arrested numerous times for theft in other Arkansas counties, those who helped him in Bryant never imagined he’d be arrested for rape. 

“I’m terrified now that everyone’s going to feel guilt.” 

Bryant Police say within hours of the victim reporting the alleged crime at the Super 8 motel Thursday, Grabanski was arrested. 

“All I’ve done is provide food and try to help with some shelter for a homeless person that’s mentally challenged,” the businessman said wishing more could have been done to prevent the alleged crime. 

Without the professional help he likely needed, Grabanski’s fate is now left to the justice system. 

Police say the victim was not a juvenile and have not released the events leading up to the reported attack. 

Grabanski is being held on a 100,000 dollar bond for rape and 2nd-degree battery. 

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