LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Women in Central Arkansas say they’re having to wait longer than normal to get an appointment with an OBGYN.

Some doctor’s offices say they’re booked at least a month out, chalking the reason partly up to recent litigation.

“With the recent overturning of Roe v Wade, we are seeing a lot more females trying to come in,” said OBGYN Emily Williams M.D.

Williams says with the addition of recent litigation surrounding abortion in the state, more are having conversations about birth control methods and seeking advice from OBGYNs.

“More people are considering the more long-term acting ones, such as the IUD, Nexplanon or a bilateral salpingectomy or tubal ligation,”’ said Dr. Williams.

Williams says she can usually get patients in within a month, but other doctors could have a long waitlist.

“As a female, I want to make sure that I am all set with birth control and stuff like that,” said Crystal McMurtry.

McMurtry says she started questioning wait times when her annual appointment was canceled by her doctor’s office last month.

“Four of five days later they called me and said it wouldn’t be until February,” said McMurtry.

McMurtry says she was able to get in sooner with a nurse, still that appointment wasn’t scheduled until September.

Williams says wait times are increasing across the board. Williams says her clinic has expanded hours and staff to help accommodate the growing need.

“We try and get patients in as quickly as we can,” said Dr. Williams.

Williams suggests patients get on a cancelation/ waiting list for appointments in case there is a last-minute opening.