Little Rock, Ark – CHI St. Vincent in Hot Springs is stepping into the future, unveiling a new robotic surgery program. 

Doctors call the robot the De Vinci XI and it’s one of the first in southwest Arkansas. 

The controllers and the headset make the machine look like a video game, but getting a closer look this is all work, no play. 

Dr. Vinicio Medina is preparing for surgery this week, using the robot as a second set of arms. 

“It makes my job a lot easier,”Dr. Medina said. 

The display shows a 3D model of whatever the doctor is working on to make cuts and stich up the patient. 

Just like a video game, Dr. Medina will control the movements through his screen. 

“The robotic device is going to give you 3D camera so you will also have the ability to see the depth of the tissues,” Dr. Medina said. 

Dr. Medina said this will create less opportunity for error during surgery and make the recovery process for the patient shorter. 

They get back to their activities of daily living faster,” Tonya Baier at CHI St. Vincent said. 

Baier says for most who will undergo the robotic surgery, stay in the hospital will be a day at most. 

The first surgery using this technology is set for Thursday.