Wedding vendors heavily impacted during COVID-19, looking to make changes to reopen


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Nearly 400,000 dollars, that’s how much money two wedding vendors in Central Arkansas have lost since the beginning of COVID-19.

Recently Governor Asa Hutchinson announced May 18th is the target date to start opening large indoor venue with restrictions.

One of those restrictions is limiting the crowd to 50 people. ​​”It’s killed us, its really really hurting us,” said Joe Snell, Owner of Central Arkansas Entertainment, “we are doing everything possible on our own to stay viable and stay out in the market.

“​​Joe Snell is the owner of Central Arkansas Entertainment and his company provides just about everything you would need for a wedding from drapes to DJs.​​

On a typical Friday afternoon his warehouse would be chaotic with people preparing for the 18 weddings that were schedule for this weekend. Instead, it’s silent.

​​”All of our events and weddings included came to a stand still,” said Snell.​​

Snell isn’t the only one being heavily impacted.​​

“We’re shell shocked I feel like its groundhogs day everyday. ” Serge Krikorian, Owner of Vibrant Occasions Catering.​​

Serge Krikorian is the owner of Vibrant Occasions Catering.​​Both business owners fear everything will remain a standstill since the directive limits large indoor venues to 50 people.​​

“so that’s probably the most significant limitation in phase 1 that we have that limited occupancy, the social distancing requirements,” said Governor Asa Hutchinson.

​​”Some of these are 14000 square foot and you can fit 200 people in it socially distanced,” said Snell.​​Snell and Krikorian have come together with 85 other vendors in Arkansas to put together a proposal.​​

The proposal outlines a plan for the companies to get back up and running for weddings while pushing to allow venues to host 30 percent of their capacity, just like casinos and restaurants.​​

“Why cant we have that 1/3 number? Why do we have to be held to a 50 person mark? ” said Snell.​​”That would really open us back up,” said Krikorian.

​​Friday Governor Hutchinson said the state would revisit the restrictions for large indoor venues.​​To read the restrictions, click here. ​​​​

To read to proposal from wedding vendors, click here.​​

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