LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The chancellor of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences took to Twitter Thursday made a case for why Arkansans should continue to wear masks indoors and in public spaces.

In a series of tweets, Dr. Cam Patterson starts by posing a friend’s question of why fully vaccinated people should continue to wear masks.

According to Patterson, who used his own family as an example, even perfectly healthy and vaccinated people can carry the virus while having asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic COVID-19 infections.

He goes on to state that the probability of spreading the virus grows higher with the more transmittable delta variant at play, especially with 65 percent of Arkansans still not fully vaccinated.

Patterson explained higher numbers of COVID-19 patients continuing to be hospitalized and put on ventilators, predicting that the next several months will be much rougher than the first 18 months of the pandemic if the trend continues.

He added that he and his family will continue to wear masks indoors and in public places and urged every Arkansan to make the same consideration and continue vaccinations.

This is not the first time Patterson has taken to social media in recent weeks to share concerns over the COVID-19 response in Arkansas.

Last month Patterson posted a thread outlining the concerns he was seeing in younger state residents being hesitant to get vaccinated, explaining at the time that those same groups were the ones being hardest hit by COVID-19.

As of Wednesday, health officials said there were 5,192 active cases of the disease in Arkansas, with 432 patients being hospitalized from the virus and 80 patients requiring ventilators.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Arkansas has seen 353,095 COVID-19 cases and 5,933 deaths.

Vaccination efforts are continuing in the state, with 1,006,100 Arkansans fully vaccinated and another 226,251 having been partially immunized from the virus.