LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Central Arkansas business owner is spending thousands and giving thousands at the same time.

“We are better together and we are better when businesses stay in business” said Jason Everett, Everett Agencies.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to know that they want to keep their local bakeries going” said Missy, cupcake factory.

Everrett is popping in to local businesses across Central Arkansas, and buying gift cards, but it’s not just him, he’s encouraging his employees to do it too.

“I personally, my team went to BJ’s market cafe which is one of my customers cosmetic salon peppermill cafe in Cabot” Karyn Maynard, Everett Agencies.

“Everybody has to eat so we are buying gift cards from restaurants and then giving them back to people that way they don’t have to spend their money that day to go out and buy lunch” said Jason Everett, Everett Agencies

We followed Jason around town as he dropped the gift cards off to random people.

It’s a two fold act of kindness he hopes other will continue on.

“Buy back locally, give back locally and if we do that we all just did a little bit a little bit goes a long ways when we all do it” said Jason Everett, Everett Agencies.

 It’s not just gift cards, Jason bought hundreds of dollars worth of hand sanitizer from a Northwest Arkansas business and passed it out in that part of the state.