LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Pharmacists in Little Rock are hoping a possible approval of the Pfizer shot will help boost vaccinations in the state. 

The FDA could approve the vaccine as early as Monday. 

“Now because there have been so many people that have gotten the vaccine, we’ve just proven that there is benefit to it,” said The Drug Store Pharmacist Meggan Edmondson. 

Edmondson says if the FDA approves the vaccine, that means it has gone through proper testing and trials and has been deemed safe. 

Edmondson says even without the FDA approval, the pharmacy she works at, The Drug Store, has already seen an uptick in vaccinations. 

She says it’s likely because people’s hesitation about the vaccine being new has worn off. 

“I think that people, you know they don’t want to be the first ones [to get the shot,]” said Edmondson. “In the last couple of months, we’ve just seen a huge increase that have come, that have felt more comfortable just because there’s more people out there that have had it.”

Edmondson said she hopes if approved by the FDA, it will give people the confidence they need to get the shot. 

“That’s our hope,” said Edmondson. 

11-year-old Brady Kent said he feels better about getting the shot on his next birthday now knowing an FDA approval could be on the way. 

“I just think it’s going to help,” said Kent. 

His mother, Laura Kent has already gotten the vaccine but says she will feel even better having her son get it with an FDA stamp of approval. 

Some however say approval from the FDA still won’t change their opinion. 

“I don’t know what kind of defect it has,” said Aaron Wiley. “I’ve been hearing about people’s bodies shutting down and they got shots and are still getting COVID.” 

Pharmacists like Edmondson still say they hope the title catches notice so people will stop catching the virus. 

If approved by the FDA, Edmondson said it could give employers more of a reason to require vaccinations. 

Pfizer could get full FDA approval by Monday. The Moderna Vaccine is expected to be approved in the months to follow.