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Little Rock nurse reflects on her time on the frontlines in New York


NEW YORK — It’s been 21 days since a registered nurse left little rock to work on the frontlines in New York. 

Last week Ruth McDonough told us she lost a patient to COVID-19

“This is such a crazy unprecedented event.” said Ruth McDonough

In the past week and a half Ruth McDonough has worked 90 hours at the St. Johns Episcopal Hospital in New York. 

“It’s calming down, there are no lines coming out of the emergency room. there are not ambulances lined up outside the emergency room.” said Ruth McDonough

Ruth says it’s still tough; she lost another patient on Monday to COVID-19. 

“This past weekend I let him use my phone and his family got to say I love you and he said I love you not knowing that he was going to die the next day. what if i hadn’t done that.”

She even shows us the effects of wearing personal protective equipment for hours a day.

“I think I permanently altered the shape of my nose. so i’m going to put on band aid,” said McDonough, “Sometimes I go to the beach and see if they have rocks on it. I like to sit there.”

Even though this crisis has changed everything Ruth is glad she’s fighting on the frontlines. 

“Yeah I wanted to be a part of it.  I wanted to see it, see what it was, see what it’s like and yes I wanted to help patients. these patients are all alone.” said McDonough.

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