CONWAY, Ark. – Conway Regional Medical Center announced on Thursday that they will temporarily postpone elective surgeries and procedures, which takes effect on Aug. 16.

According to a release from the hospital, that postponement is being put into place in response to the current surge in COVID-19 patients being hospitalized.

The suspension of inpatient elective surgeries will allow the hospital to focus resources on the growing number of COVID-19 patients who require hospitalization.

“The temporary suspension of planned, non-emergent surgical procedures is a prudent first step out of an abundance of caution.  We want to be prepared should cases continue to rise, and circumstances demand we redirect skilled team members and resources to care for the growing number of COVID-19 patients,” Matt Troup, President and CEO of Conway Regional Health System said. “We plan to resume elective surgical procedures as soon as possible.” 

Hospital officials say that 88 percent of COVID-19 patients admitted since June 1 has been unvaccinated and within the past week the number of COVID-19 patients has risen as high as 43.

The Conway Regional Emergency Department will continue to treat patients requiring critical care, and patients are encouraged not to avoid the emergency room when necessary.

Officials say the hospital will continue emergency surgeries and procedures, as deemed necessary, in coordination with a patient’s physician.

Precautions, such as limited visitation and masking for patience and staff, will remain in place throughout the Conway Regional Health System.