LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As the debate over what people can and can’t do to fight COVID-19, Baptist Health is giving patients a treatment option once they are exposed to the virus or test positive.

So far Baptist Health in Little Rock has treated at least 800 people with the monoclonal antibody infusion. The treatment lessens the impact of COVID-19 on a person and helps keep symptoms at a minimum.

There are some criteria that patients have to meet, but if a person gets a positive test, the hospital is offering a self-referral process.

“They can call us. We can assess if they are good candidates or not and get them in the clinic right away,” Dr. Amanda Novack, Infectious Disease & Prevention specialist with Baptist Health explained. “They don’t have to call a doctor or go to the er it’s really one-stop shopping.”

Baptist Health is offering the monoclonal antibody treatment to anyone who fits the criteria after testing positive or being exposed.

For more information on the treatments and what criteria qualifies their use, go to