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Atkins community reacts to schools not requiring masks


ATKINS, Ark. — Following Governor Asa Hutchinson’s announcement lifting the statewide mask mandate, we are seeing different school districts decided what they will do moving forward.

The statewide mandate is no longer in effect and Atkins School District is no longer requiring them. Wednesday, KARK 4 spoke to some students families about the decision.

Atkins School District posted to social media the district will “no longer require masks to be worn but will still highly encourage the practice.”

“I believe it’s good and it’s bad,” relative of Atkins School District, Mary Dixon said. 

Parents and family, reacted to the announcement. 

“For some it’s going to be good, for others it’s going to be bad, I just want to stay healthy and want everybody to stay health,” Dixon said.

“I like it, it helps kids learn better than usual,” parent of student, Dearlo Fowler- Marzc said.

This announcement comes after the Arkansas Department of Education said it would leave it up to individual school boards to decide if they would enforce masks.

We asked parents and family members how their students feel about wearing a masks.

“They really dislike it,” Fowler- Marzc said. “So it’s really hard on them.”

“I don’t even know if they wear them all the time,” Dixon said. “He never has one on when he comes out.”

Dixon’s great grandson is in kindergarten and said she is ready for everyone to move forward.

“It is time to get back to normal,” Dixon said. “But we do need to watch for safety… safety is first.” 

The district is also asking for everyone to honor everyone’s personal decision on whether or not they will wear a mask. It noted that some people have compromised immune systems.

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