LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Officials with the Arkansas Department of Health reported that Arkansas hospitals currently only have eight ICU beds left in the state.

The hospital bed numbers reported by the ADH over the last three days show an increase of 39 more COVID-19 patients on ICU beds

According to the report, there are 509 total COVID-19 patients on ICU beds.

After reaching out to hospitals in the state, Baptist Health Hospital reported having zero ICU beds for most of the day Monday

Troy Wells CEO of Baptist Health responded with a statement about the limited ICU beds:

The number of available COVID-19 ICU beds across Baptist Health varies hourly. There are very few available ICU beds at our hospitals, and they may fill up at any given time.

In fact, Baptist Health did not have any ICU beds, including for COVID-19 patients, available for most of the day Monday. 

Within the past two weeks, we have had two COVID-19 patients transferred out of state from two of our community hospitals. One was transported to Memphis and another was taken to Chicago. No patient has been completely turned away from care.

We are working on a regular basis to ensure Baptist Health is able to provide care for patients, and we are actively working on a plan to increase our ICU capacity in the coming days and weeks.

Troy Wells, Baptist Health CEO