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Arkansas research group works on COVID-19 vaccine study


In this photo illustration a bottle of Covid-19 coronavirus Vaccine is seen

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Cases of the coronavirus continue to rise in Arkansas.

Statewide there have been over 125,500 diagnosed cases and over 2,300 deaths, with positivity rates increasing to 14.4% over the past several weeks

Local doctors and healthcare providers with Woodland International Research Group are working together to conduct clinical research studies in an effort to develop a safe and effective vaccine.

“We’re looking at an investigational vaccine that we think may provide some hope in preventing further spread of this disease,” says Dr. George Konis, MD Principal Investigator and Medical Director of Woodland International Research Group. “This trial is noteworthy because the vaccine being researched is based upon the same technology that has had prior success in the development of other safe and effective vaccines. In fact, over 100,000 people have previously been vaccinated utilizing this platform.”

“It’s important that we do our due diligence in the clinical trial process to be sure that what we give our patients is safe and effective. I want to stress that this is not a live virus and you will not contract covid-19 from the vaccine. The technology used actually involves an inactivated common cold virus.”

Woodland International Research Group located in Little Rock, AR is one of the many research sites across the country currently doing their part to evaluate these vaccines.

They are currently looking for generally healthy individuals over the age of 18 to participate and join the fight against COVID-19.

Dr. Konis also stresses the importance of getting a broad range of people to participate in this study. “Ideally we need a diverse group including people of all ages and ethnicities to participate. This helps to reflect the population that may eventually take this vaccine as well as study the response between different ages, gender and ethnicities.”

“Our goal is clear; to save lives,” says Dr. Konis “We’ll continue in our fight and do our part to help those in our community and around the world.”

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