LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Opening the lid on science brings you a step closer to knowing if you’re COVID positive.

Two of the major coronavirus testing labs provided a rare glimpse inside.

Amy Brundick is leading the COVID testing lab at Baptist Health, one of the busiest in the state.

“It’s been really crazy. We’ve seen record numbers,” she said.

The lab tests an average of 2,000 swabs a day and they operate 24/7.

“If we get where we can put them on the instrument because the instrument is already running, we just put them in a refrigerator,” said Brundick.

The lab at The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is operating before the sun comes up and the sun goes down.

“About every 30 minutes we are doing a pickup of specimens from our drive-thru location,” said UAMS Doctor Jennifer Laudadio.

To take a look inside these labs, click play in the video player above.