NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Hospitals are a place of physical healing, but a new addition to North Little Rock hopes to heal the mind, too.

Baptist Health Medical Center – North Little Rock cut the ribbon on their new inpatient behavioral health unit Monday.

The unit is designed to house 22 beds, a large group therapy room, and a common room – all designed with optimal healing in mind.

Doctors say this new opening will be a game changer for the city and region and will be able to save the lives of its patients.

“This facility will serve as a haven for those in crisis,” Dr. Holly Agud with Baptist Health Psychiatry, “A place where they can find solace, understanding, and effective treatment. Lives will be saved, and futures will be restored right here.”

The unit will focus on inpatient treatment for depression, anxiety, grief and psychosis for adults and comes in addition to a new outpatient unit opened by Baptist on the same campus.