LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –  Babysitting is a popular summer job for teens. The role comes with responsibility, and most importantly, keeping children safe.

Each year, Baptist Health hospital offers a two-day course to equip future babysitters with the tools they need to successfully do the job.

With some hands on practice, changing a diaper has never been easier for Caroline Green.

“It gives you more experience in knowing how to do it, rather than just giving you steps,” she says.

The 12-year-old is taking Safe Sitters to stand out from the pack.

“There are tons of babysitters in the area and so getting this certificate shows that you’re qualified and that your child will be safe,” says Green.

Safe Sitters teaches them the basics, like feeding a baby and swaddling. Just as important, it teaches participants lessons in safety, behavior management, child care, first aid, CPR and choking.

“It is a benefit to the parents to know that all of these situations have been reviewed with their sitters,” says Laura Fout, Baptist Health Registered Nurse.

Safe Sitters is a national program that started after the accidental death of a nurse’s young child while in the care of an adult baby sitter.

“We also have infant and child CPR mannequins as well that we utilize,” adds Fout.

Once the course is complete, these girls will earn a certificate and be added on the Safe Sitter registry.

“It makes me feel more secure about this because I don’t want someone else’s child hurt or something fatal happening while I was on watch,” says Green.

But after a couple of days of close watch, these girls are ready to swaddle the idea of becoming a qualified safe sitter.

You must be ages 12 to 14 to take Safe Sitters.