Health Matters: Reading Nutrition Labels

LITTLE ROCK, AR – We’re always told to read the label on the food we buy, but sometimes it can be more a challenge than not.

“It’s just Greek to them, basically it does spell it out what you’re looking for and nutrition facts on the side,” says nutritionist Holly Dixon.

That’s where you will probably look for the serving size, like on a box of whole grain cereal.

“A lot of people will say I’ll just put my normal serving in a bowl,” says Dixon.

“One serving for this particular product for one cup gives you so many calories, this one has 160 and total fat is one gram, which is actually a good ratio.”

So what should you be looking on that label? Especially if you’re watching your fat intake?

“Off the top for a cereal and or any whole grain, bread product I’m looking at the dietary fiber, that’s going to tell all the answers to, if it says whole grain, certified, but what is my dietary fiber? That’s what truly is going to benefit me,” says Dixon.

Any cereal between three and five in fiber is good, anything less than that is refined sugar.

So it’s very important to pay attention to the serving size. It matches the nutrients on the label so if you eat two servings of something, double the nutrients, carb and fat intake as well.

Dixon says it’s not bad if you eat more, “Just know that how it adds up.”

If you’re counting calories to stay healthy.

For more information a good place to also look is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website under how to understand and use the nutrition facts label.

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