Health Matters: Plant Based Medicine Diet


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – There’s a type of diet that can improve your health withing days. 

Doctors call it plant based medicine. 

For a while, Michael Trover thought he was living a pretty health lifestyle, eating lean meats, health cheeses, egg whites and exercising regularly. 

“Really wasn’t feeling well still. Still had high cholesterol, high blood pressure,” says Michael Trover.

He heard about plant based medicine where you eat everything that basically grows on a plant. 

“We say if it has a mother, it has a face, don’t eat it. So it’s a diet really the absence of animal products, meat, eggs and dairy,” says Dr. Thorpe.

It wasn’t a problem adjusting to this type of meal plan. 

Michael calls himself a bit of an extremist and quit eating animal products cold turkey. 

“I felt stronger, I had more energy, I had more endurance,” says Michael.

The results showed up within the first few weeks. 

“Really the best medicine is what you eat,” says Wes. 

Dr. Wes Thorpe believes the American diet is the root of common health problems. 

“Diabetes, stroke, heart attack, if you want to prevent those things, you can with this diet,” says Dr. Thorpe.

Now a year and half later and more than 50 pounds down…

“I would say it doesn’t have to be that hard. It’s not hard to dice up some vegetables,” says Michael. 

A rewarding outcome that isn’t stopping Michael from plant based medicine anytime soon. 

Michael says a lot of people ask him what he eats for protein. 

He says it’s surprising how much protein you can find in spinach, kale, broccoli and other plant based foods. 

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